Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip to Ford Museum&Green Field Village and BBQ with Tsinghua Alumni

After having expected for the weekend trip for the whole weekdays, we went to Detroit on Saturday morning pretty excitedly, although it ran cats and dogs that morning thundering and lightening. It was a little chilly, but the air-conditioner in the bus was still kept on so heavily that we felt ourselves just like vegetables in the frige. After talking about films with Yiren the whole way there, I finally stood inside the Ford Museum.
I was really impressed and loved these cars at first glance even though I had already saw Rolling Sculpture Car Show featuring more than 400 exotic, antique, classic, concept cars in the Main Street the day before. what first jumped into my eyes were cars specially designed for the presidents. They were all long and looked really gorgeous. I enjoyed soaking myself in the car phylogeny. There showed all kinds of cars including racing cars, carts, bicycles, locomotives, sedans. Henry Ford is really a great and respectable guy. Actually, the museum is devided into several areas such as planes, automobiles, agriculture machine, furniture, music, clock, jewellery, silver and so on. I spent more than two hours and then went to the Green Field Village.

Green Field Village is the village where Henry Ford ever lived in his childhood and Edison did his famous experiments. Some old buildings and furnitures remained the same way as they once were and there were ladies and gentlemen wearing costumes inside the house and walking around the streets. I felt myself almost in the old days. I liked the simple, idle and peaceful life like that.

I watched the process of making handcrafts such as glass, pottery, tin and printing, weaving in different mills. They were really delicacy and magical.

On Sunday, we went to BBQ held by Association of Tsinghua University Alumni in Michigan in Gallup Park. We met a lot of new friends, played volleyball, football and frisbee and had a lot of fun there.

The most impressive experience was boating in Huron River after the BBQ. On the way to the boat renting place, we asked to put my bag in the car before boating, Youjian said,"Don't worry, it is really a small chance for boat turning over." So I kept my bag with me. Fan, Chao and I roared one boat and We were all waring life vests. Youjian said he fell into the river boating last year here when they wanted to catch up the boat ahead of theirs and to be the first. So Fan planned to knock Youjian's boat over again for fun. But Youjian was quite alert and kept on watching out for our boat. He kept far away from our boat and we were unable to be close to them. After some time chasing in vain, we almost gave up and started to enjoy ourselves to the beautiful scenary and gentle breeze. The sun was quite shining at that time and I took on the sunglasses and took out the camara to take photos. We even saw some boys jumping into the river from the bridge and we felt a strong passion to swim. At that time, we found Youjian's boat just in front of us. Then Fan plotted to approach their boat by swimming and started to take off his vest. I wanted to put my camera back into my bag and roared the boat instead of Fan. Just at the time he was jumping into the river and I was unzipping my bag, I felt the sky and land rolling and then I found myself all surrounded in water. The boat TURNED OVER and my bag was full of water and became so heavy to lift. What was worse, the sunglasses kept me from seeing and the life vest and float grass kept me from swimming comfortably. The boat was filled with water, too. I struggled hard in the river. Thanks to Youjian who help me to take my bag which has already turned to be a "waterbag", Fan and I pulled the boat back to the bank. I felt very embarrassed as if everyone is looking at us and suddenly I found the name card was still tied tightly to my shirt with my name just on as if I'd like everyone to know that was me who fell into the river and looked like a drowned rat. All my "treasures" seemed like floating in the soup. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel very bad then, but a little fun except worrying about my camera. We dried ourselves, our treasures as well as the boat in the sun on the grass and then continue our boating. What is said "In the same boat" means "pull together in times of trouble". At that time, I had the feeling and I think we became good friends after the "accident".

In the evening, we four had dinner together in "EverGreen", a Chinese restaurant, whose cash was all still wet when paying the bills except Youjian.

What an interesting and special weekend~ The memory will last long.

PS: Last night I kept on blowing my camera with a hair drier and prayed it to "recover" although I was almost exausted. It never rains bout it pours. Today I found my watch lost.

Cry for RP~ (This is Chinglish which means I want to be luckier!)

Summary: One lost, one died, one hurt...

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  1. What a great story! (well, several stories!) And your idioms are great (raining cats and dogs, drowned rat, etc.).

    I agree, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village are both really great. It's so easy to spend hours there! I've never seen all of the traditional crafts in Greenfield Village, though; that must have been really fun!

    Canoeing on the Huron is one of my favorite summertime activities. So far, I've never flipped over in the canoe, although a lot of my friends have!

    How did you like Evergreen...? (I tried it once and I thought it was kind of awful!)